Someone to love

With a simple hook " I had to give these hoes, someone to love" 2chainz has captured the driving force behind Man. All of our works and efforts are to give these hoes someone to love. Yesterdaynite when my parents came over they caught me dancing my heart out to this song, it was reminiscent of a praise dance. (thats how strongly I feel about this hook). So I told my mom "This covers everything!" then I looked to my dad and said " This is what you've worked so hard for, this is what you take care of your responsibilities for , then I looked back at my mom and said " He had to give these hoes someone to love." Before they both burst out laughing , the look in my Father's eyes let me know for a fact, that He is the man that he has become , Because he knew in his heart he had to give these hoes someone to love.

This is a conversation my comrades and I have all of the time, This is what we are planning for, This is what we are living for, this is what we are executing for, this is why we are aspiring and active entrepreneurs, this is the force behind the long work nights, we must give these hoes someone to love. There is nothing greater than a women's love! You see this played over and over through some of your favorite films, Powerful men giving up everything for a Woman's Love. Let's take Neo in the matrix for example, He was willing to let the entire planet get destroyed if there was a possibility he couldn't have his love interest Trinity in it. You are free to get distracted by the video that accompanies this song, but I just imagine Neo training with morpheus while this song is playing in the background, Do you really think Neo would have been the 1 if he didn't feel he had to give these hoes someone to love?
Even better, Imagine a group of the first hunters running down wild boars and bringing the food back to their women! 

It's that serious! He didn't say I might wanna give these hoes someone to love, or I kinda wanna give these hoes someone to love, NO, I HAVE TO GIVE THESE HOES SOMEONE TO LOVE. In my studies, Abraham Maslow missed 1 vital component on his hierarchy of needs, because I personally have to give these hoes someone to love. 

By: Alim Smith  

Disclaimer * I do not think all women are hoes, and the use of hoe was for comedic effect 

the point is women give us purpose