Tonya Pinkins!

Commission for @divadivu Tonya Pinkins who I met at the Mocada for the oriinu trailer premiere. I was nervous to meet her at the premiere cause I knew her from above the rim a movie I seen a million times , but she didn't really allow me to be nervous cause she just started talking to me and periscoping my painting out of nowhere asking me questions about my painting techniques lol so fast forward today had my first painting class with her and she killed it and she bought a piece. Then we just talked about food and bad movies for a couple hours lol life is weird, buts it dope ( I might be reaching ) but my first serious girlfriends name was mileeka and she told me to give up this art shit and get a regular job lol and @divadivu character in above the rims name was malika and she's my first celebrity client lol that's trippy to me
What is life lol