Yo this was an insane moment right here ! We walked into a private brunch that we were lucky enough to even get in thanks to @goldendreaded and got a chance to show Russell Simmons some art and our books! He recognized Alim's art and thought mine was super dope too so he told us to pull out our art for a pic and we didn't even ask and he posted it! One of the most humbling moments ever and now Russell Simmons has some of my art. Def a dream come true right here so huge shoutout to @unclerush ! #art #artist #artwork #illustration #dreaming #artbaselmiami #artbasel2015 I Alim Smith am eternally indebted to @goldendreaded for being a real one! Go follow her and check out her work she's niiiceee and @terranceism cause I wouldn't even of known what artbasel was if it wasn't for him lol #partnersinsuccess #wtfamidoinginflorida #thankful