Had a Seizure :(

Sooooo..... I had a seizure this morning, I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I turned 18, and the seizures are triggered by lack of sleep for the most part , I don't have them often unless I'm just wearing my self out , which I have been recently , along with not taking my medicine consistently. A big part is that I've been slacking on my medicine , which I won't be doing anymore lol , so I basically woke up In the hospital , my mom and Christy found me having the seizure. Epilepsy is a weird disease because it effects the people you know more than the patient , they are still freaked out from seeing me have one. So in closing "I'm fine" and artist out there , take care of your fucking self , don't wear yourself thin , your health and sleep is just as important as your craft. Thuglife!!!! Lol everything's fine , still mobbin ‪#‎health‬ ‪#‎epilepsy‬ ‪#‎artist‬ ‪#‎seizures‬