At Afropunk I was able to give the sun burning to @oshunnyc ! If you don't know who they are get familiar! One of the reasons I fuck with them so tough is because I really really really care about music and value it! I think it's the strongest art form and I'm a very tough critic cause I'm comparing everything to the greatest music I've ever heard, like Stevie wonder and shit , so any way I came across them on YouTube mad long ago and I was really fucking with the song and I showed a couple friends and told my homie Paul we need to do the male version of this , yada yada @ucancallmela my connection to all things New York were apart of a event that @madidangerously invited me 2 be apart of my first ny event and I met 2 girls who wanted to interview me and it was 2 loud at the event to do so and I was super tired and they actually let me nap a little before I drove back to philly to have my in living color show at their place , and we get to their place and oshun is there lol and I'm acting cool but bugging out inside because what are the odds of meeting a group you truly appreciate in such a random ass way and the appreciation was mutual! They had knew about my art before they knew me 2 and that shit was just crazy honestly. I have the coolest weirdest experiences in New York. Don't sleep on them, I know I focus on the geminis impact on the music industry even tho I'm an Aries, oshun are also fire signs Aries and Sagittarius that's pharrell and jay-z, Aries are known for innovation , Sagittarius have ridiculous lasting power and influence. Don't sleep on fire signs my nigga. And now thinking about it makes the burning so much more befitting
photo by @madidangerously

And I don't have a dead eye lol idk where I was lookin