Martin Luther King Day (Live Painting)

Besides hip hop, stand up comedy is my favorite art form, it takes so much courage and confidence to be up on stage by yourself exposing your thoughts and ideas of the world. Everyday I'm trying to think of more ways to really expose who I am and how I feel in a raw yet entertaining way. Because most art shows are all safe and shit, I wanna have a show that's so true to who I am I'm actually nervous about how it will be received. I just wanna be real , I don't wanna do fluff, some of the best comedians do a new hour of comedy a year or every 2-3 years, and get rid of the material and that's what I wanna do every year atleast one solid series that I'm super proud of. My favorite artist are
Dave chappelle
Andre 3000
Malcolm X
Mc Escher
I just wanna make people think or rethink about shit

*So I was invited to Live paint for this MLK Day event and I had no idea i'd be on stage in front of all these people
it was dope tho!