My First Podcast (10 Art Commandments)

Did a podcast today with Shefon Nachelle downtown! Talked about art and Wilmington and flat earth and what not I can't wait til the episode comes out! Right before we did it I made the 10 art commandments : 

1. You shall put nothing before your creative process
2. You shall make idols, as many as possible
( an image or other material object representing a deity or whatever you wish that may or may not be worshipped. 
3.You are the God of the world of creations you create , no one else.
(Thou shall not forget that)

4. Remember every day is Sacred and to keep it holy, you must create 

5. Honor those who have influenced and inspired you 

6. You shall murder anything in you that encourages doubt or fear 

7.You shall immerse yourself in anything that will inspire and cultivate your creativity (as long as it causes no harm to others) 

8.You shall not steal others ideas and concepts
(Inspiration not imitation, originality are your origins )

9.You shall not compare oneself to another creator
(The world you create is yours and can not be replicated) 

10.You shall not want or desire the style of another creators creations 

( I made these for me to stay focused)