DNA Ancestry Results!!!

So this is like a super #tbt cause I found out where my DNA traces back to today! (DNA.ancestry.com) results are in

Africa 76% 
America 1% 
Asia 2% 
Europe 20% 

When I first got the notification that the results were in I was terrified it would say like 60% European or some shit and barely African at all lol because my mom kept trolling me saying "You know you white boy, look how lightskin I am" lol

The crazy part is about 6 years ago I had a dream and I pictured a guy with a stick on a grassy mound and I heard the word murungo (never hear words in my dreams) so I woke up googled and saw that murungo was the name of a God so high you don't even call on him (the book was about the Congo) on that same page I saw the word Zambezi and that's the name my uncle Lem gave my mother when he got out of jail in the 70s he held a naming ceremony and gave everyone a name. So at that point I was like alright bet I'm from the Congo! lol so the fact that , that's the second result on my DNA test is absolutely crazy. Also the 24% Benin/Togo (at one point in time the kingdom of dahomey) well there flag was a elephant with a crown on it, the same uncle Lem was the one that started my mom on collecting brass elephants because he told her they were good luck.(dont really believe in coincidences) he's one of the biggest reasons I create art the way I do, I could say so much but I'm just gonna say trust your ancestors/intuition gut feelings whatever

Overwhelmed with a bunch of good feelings , I'm just really excited to learn as much as possible and incorporate all of this into my artwork and lifestyle as much as possible. I genuinely feel different , I feel like I'm moving with a different kind of power.