Freire Charter School

Today was a Good day! Me and Terrance Vann got a chance to speak to some art students at freire charter school , and it was fun!! Because middle schoolers are old enough to have grown up conversations with, we stayed after class for like 45 minutes just building on hip hop and work ethic, one of the kids said he'd put big daddy Kane and Rakim on his hip hop Mount Rushmore , he's 13!! I really be underestimating younger folk and what I think they listen too. We built on a lot of things and I actually think we inspired them because we were/are them. The whole adult grown up thing is a lie! Lol you just learn more and look older, we are all just trying to figure ourselves out. It's exciting to be around people who still believe in their dreams, don't give up on your self! Souljah boy didn't

We were all looking at different cameras lol